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The Young Champions is an American animated action-adventure-comedy-drama superhero television series, being created by TBD. The series is produced by TBD and premiere on TBD since TBD 2018.


Five different young individuals TBD

Cast & Characters


  • Frederick "Freddy" Fitzpatrick/Superstar (voiced by Jason Marsden) - a optimistic yet near clumsy teenager and the de facto leader of the Young Champions who is a fan of superheroes, especially the Almighty Protectors, and gain the ability of flight, super strength, x-ray vision, invisibility and heat vision after being captured by a supervillain, where he now start jugging with controlling his newfound powers and being tasked with the responsibility of leading a team of other young teenage superheroes so he can impress his idols.
  • Patricia "Patsy" Vance/??? (voiced by ) - a near egotistical teenager TBD
    • A.I./"Andi" (voiced by ) - TBD
  • Glenn Criss/Silent Savior (voiced by Dante Basco) - a quite yet incredibly shy Asian-American teenager TBD
  • Slinger (voiced by ) - a incredibly bubbly yet somewhat rather incredibly curious humanoid spider-like teenager TBD
  • Daniel "Dan" Keane/??? (voiced by ) - a intelligence yet slightly serious teenager TBD


  • The Almighty Protectors, consisting of:
    • Jonah Robbinson II/Mecha Might (voiced by Nolan North) - the friendly and charismatic yet strong-willed leader of the Almighty Protectors TBD
    •  ?
    • ??? Pearson/??? (voiced by ) - TBD
    •  ?
    •  ?
    •  ?
  • ??? Fitzpatick (voiced by ) - TBD
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  • TBD


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Easter Eggs

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