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The Chronicles of Paradoxia (pl. Kroniki Paradoxii) - is a Polish/Canadian/French/Japanese animated series. It was produced e.g. by Nelvana and Gaumont Animation.

The Chronicles of Paradoxia
Genre Animated

Science fantasy

Created by Nelvana

Gaumont Animation

Country of origin Poland




Original language Polish




Original channel Cartoon Network







In the world of Paradoxia the evil monsters, led by the vile Incendix, are looking for the artefacts owned by the rulers of the four main lands of this universe - Flavior, Ruberia, Cheruloz and Grenum. These objects are the target, because they are charged by the paradox energy - the unusual form of energy, which originates from the seven legendary Brilliants of the Paradox. The treasures finally get stolen and connected to the machinery, which the bad guys want to use in their wickd purposes. The four representatives of the species of Slimers wants to stop them, but that's to late - the interdimensional gate to the interworld void opens and the primeval, dangerous and much worse than Incendix entity, named Gonossus, enters the Paradoxia.In this case, the Slimers want to break the portail opening machine, but they unwittingly open another dimensional rift, to the world of the humans. Also, they got charged by the energy of the paradox and land in a human city, where they got found by four young adult people - Maxwell, who finds the yellow one (from Flavior), Justin, who finds the red one (from Ruberia), Michael, who finds the blue one (from Cheruloz) and Will, who finds the green one (from Grenum). The men makes friends with the slimy outlanders. Later occurs, that the energy of paradox also charged four random objects, which bond with the Slimers' DNA and became powerful weapons - furthermore, the Slimers can link themselves with the weapons, which results making the special battle suits on the human characters.

The Slimers tell, that the Brilliants of the Paradox contain an stupendous might and who keeps them all, they may get very formidable and, if is powrful enough, do unimaginable things. In such case Maxwell, Justin, Michael and Will make their minds to take the fight against Gonossus and his adherents to prevent them from being dangerous for even both worlds.



  • Maxwell - the leader of the group, has red hair and blue eyes. The gravest from the team, but very lawful and honest. He fights by a sword.
  • Justin - the most impetuous and impatient member of the team and has a little mischievious sense of humour, but he's also couaregeous, sociable and likes rivalry. He has the best relationship with Will, despite the fact they a bit often argue. His hair are black. In fighting he uses a spear.
  • Michael - the brown-haired brain of the team, has very high intelligence anf analytic mind. He uses multifunctional metal gauntlet, which can be used e.g. as caestus or gun.
  • Will - the most enthusiastic one, very caring, loves the nature. He's blond. He fights by a tentacle, on which end can be made various figures, like spiked ball.
  • Xantix Amarion - connected with Maxwell's weapon. The informal leader of the four Slimers and the most serious and determinated of them.
  • Gorrin Redix - connected with Justin's weapon. Ambitious and hotheaded.
  • Urdil Blenar - connected with Michael's weapon. Also intelligent and well-read.
  • Virit Limprax - connected with Will's weapon. The most fearful of the group, but also can be sometimes heroic and adventurous.


  • Gonossus - the main antagonist in the series. An aged being, who has been trapped years - or even centuries - ago beyond the borders of both universes. He is very greedy, sorded and cruel and wants to claim all the Brilliants of the Paradox to rule both worlds (formerly he wanted only to take control over all the Paradoxia). His favourite weapon is the Trident.
  • Incendix Piraivon - the most important ant the strongest of the Gonossus' servants, he's also his deputy. Is very aggresive and can create and manipulate fire.
  • Volgor Crogvamaz - the spy. He's a green, insectoid creature, who uses lots of weapons, but his favourite one is an electric knuckle-duster. He's able to get invisible and spit the caustic venom.

and others

The world of Paradoxia


The main part of Paradoxia is a great continent, divided into four countries - Flavior, Ruberia, Cheruloz and Grenum.

  • Flavior (yellow) - it is located on the west. This land is mostly mountain and rocky. It's inhabitated in majority by miners, builders and artists. Flaviorans are famous as the conservative, persistent, serious, honest and noble. They attach great importance to rules, nonetheless they can also be very helpfuol and brave. Their houses are commonly built of the stones and may firstly look a bit primitively, but in fact they're very durable and greatly performs the defence functions.
  • Ruberia (red) - it is located on the south. Very hot land, mostly desert and volcanic. It's inhibitants are usually ambitious and have strong will, desire and wish to acquire what they want. They are, similiar to the Flavior's inhabitants, not infrequently courageous, but also more then they brutal, reckless and daring. Their economy bases in majority on the steampunk technology, and the houses are built usually from metal.
  • Cheruloz (blue) - it is located on the north. The most urbanized and the most progressed in technology land. The terrains, which have not been landscaped yet, are on the whole the world of ice and cold. Cherulozians are commonly peaceful, calm and intelligent, but they shouldn't be underestimated, because they are very "flexible" and it's easy to them to adapt to the new condition. They rarely succumb the emotions, usually they prefer analyze the situation objectively and, basing on that, calculate, what should they do. By no means they are mentally soulless machines nor sordid cynics, who are interested only in this, what is profitable, and not necessarily good. Their cities are usually great, ultramodern metropolies, full of neons and tall, slender buildings, mostly made of glass or metal.
  • Grenum (green) - it is located on the east. The most primitive and dominated by the nature from all the four lands, characterised by the largest wealth and variety of fauna and flora. The dwellers of this world resides usually in the tree houses and other natural homesteads. The Grenumians commonly love the nature and cares about it zealously. They are very tutelar and helpful.

Some inhabitants

  • Slimers (pl. Gluciaki) - the least progressed species in all the known Paradoxia. They are sapient, shape-shifting, unicellular protozoans with bodies with a gel-like consistency. Despite being unicellular, they have eyes (like the euglenas) and are able to speak.
  • Crystallers (pl. Kryształowcy) - one of the most common sapient species in the Paradoxia. They are crystal-like humanoids, who are - like the sponges from real life - built of omnipotent, multifunctional cells - this feature lets them produce, for example, shields or weapons (like spikes, hammers or swords) from their flesh (also, they are able too shoot their crystals like the arrows). The Crystallers from all the four lands has their unique colours and abilities - e. g. the Flavioran ones (yellow) - electrokinesis, the Ruberian ones (red) - pyrokinesis, the Cherulozian ones (blue) - cryokinesis, and the Grenumian ones (green) can produce the acids and poisons.


Polish version: SDI Media Polska

Direction: Waldemar Modestowicz

Polish dialogues: Bartosz Wierzbięta

Character name (Polish) Character name (English) Polish voice English voice
Maxwell Tomasz Steciuk Noam Kaniel
Justin Otar Saralidze Grant George
Michael Tomasz Bednarek Jason Michas
Will Paweł Ciołkosz Eric Christian Olsen
Xantix Amarion Jan Aleksandrowicz-Krask Marc Thompson
Gorrin Redix Artur Pontek Dante Basco
Urdil Blenar Grzegorz Drojewski Bryton James
Virit Limprax Piotr Bajtlik Adam Marriott
Gonossus Zbigniew Konopka Greg Baldwin
Incendix Piraivon Robert Jarociński Marc Diraison
Volgor Crogvamaz Jarosław Boberek Dee Bradley Baker
Grzegorz Kwiecień Vincent Tong
Tomasz Błasiak Nolan Blazer
Marcin Przybylski Jeremy Renner
Tomasz Grochoczyński Keith Scott
Dariusz Odija Brian Dobson
Miłogost Reczek Jim Cummings
Jacek Mikołajczak Jim Ward
Grzegorz Damięcki
Grzegorz Małecki Phil LaMarr
Mariusz Bonaszewski
Janusz Wituch David Gasman
Robert Tondera
Cezary Kwieciński
Paweł Szczesny Frank Welker
Wojciech Paszkowski
Kevin Michael Richardson
Brian Drummond
The narrator Narrator* Grzegorz Pawlak John Schneider
Theme song sung by: Piosenkę czołówkową śpiewał: Krzysztof Pietrzak Jeff Washburn
Lector Lektor Artur Kaczmarski

and others

*this applies only to the first episode, because at the beginning of each of the later episodes this one, who tells about the events of the previous episode, is one of the characters - and which character exactly will be the narrator depends on the episode


Translation to other languages:

  • Dutch: De Kronieken van Paradoxia
  • English: The Chronicles of Paradoxia
  • Esperanto: La Kronikoj del Paradoksio
  • French: Les Chroniques de Paradoxia
  • German: Die Chroniken des Paradoxia
  • Hungarian: Paradoxianak a Krónikák
  • Italian: Le Cronache di Paradoxia
  • Polish: Kroniki Paradoxii
  • Portuguese: As Crônicas da Paradoxia
  • Spanish: Las Crónicas de Paradoxia


  • Name "Gonossus" is derived from Hungarian word "gonosz" (pronounced [gonos]), which means "evil".