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This is a sound effects used in Snyder Films Cartoons.

List of sound effects

  • A classic ricochets
  • Disney's twangy boing
  • Quick hits or shots
  • Hanna-Barbera big long skid
  • Western ricochets from Winchester '73.

These Snyder Films cartoons predominantly use a lot of really odd and out-of-place sounds instead of the usual Snyder Films sounds they were using during the period in which they were made?:

  • Cat And Mouse Funny Adventures: The usual Snyder Films effects, for the most part are absent here, but this series used Disney sound effects and Warner Bros/Seven Arts sound effects, but this earlier.
  • Fourteenth episode and nineteenth episode of Cat And Mouse Funny Adventures: these use the same effects library as Yellow Quacker and the Two Frogs, and Lester Lion series.