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"Rocky and the Dolphin" is a color Rocky Raccoon animated short. It was released in 1948.

Voice Characterization

  • Walter Tetley as Rocky Raccoon (uncredited)
  • Mel Blanc as Dluto (uncredited)


  • Director: Alex Lovy
  • Story: Ken Anderson, Dick Kelsey
  • Animation: Martin Ansolabehere, Ed Love, Preston Blair, Cliff Reeves
  • Effects Animation: A.C. Gamer
  • Layout: Ed Benedict
  • Background: Ray Huffine
  • Music: Paul J. Steck
  • Camera: Gene Moore (uncredited)
  • Film Editor: Douglas Holiday (uncredited)
  • Sound Director: C.O. Stevens (uncredited)
  • Sound Effects: Dale Pickett, Jack King (all uncredited)
  • Ink and Paint: Warren Johnson (uncredited)
  • Sound Recording: Harold J. Scott (uncredited)
  • Orchestrations: James Dietrich (uncredited)

Sound Effects Used

  • BBC Records, Crashes - Objects. Crashing
  • BBC Records, Crashes - Metal And Glass Crash
  • BBC Records, Crashes - Glass Crash