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Rocky's Delayed Date is a Rocky Raccoon animated short that was released in 1947.


Angry that he is late for their date at a party, Rinna calls Rocky, who has been sleeping all this time. Dluto answers the phone, licking it when he hears Rinna's voice, his drool somehow splattering onto Rinna from the other end. She wipes her face and asks him to take the phone to Rocky. As soon as Rinna wakens him, she warns Rocky that if he doesn't arrive in the next fifteen minutes, their relationship is over. With the help of Dluto, Rocky gets well-dressed in a tuxedo and ready for the date and leaves his house, unaware that he left the tickets for the party. Dluto notices the tickets and quickly takes them to bring to Rocky. Rushing to the party, Rocky's top hat flies into a garbage can.

Rocky reaches in the garbage can to get the black top hat, but Dluto bumps into the garbage can, accidentally knocking the garbage can down the street with Rocky in it and crashes into a street lamp. Rocky emerges from the garbage can with his tuxedo clothes wrecked and finds out that he reached his destination, where Rinna greets him and compliments him on his costume. This works out for Rocky, since the party he and Rinna are going to is a "Hard Times" costume party. Rinna tells Rocky that they can go in as soon as Rocky gives the tickets. Rocky realizes that he left the tickets at home, but Dluto arrives just in time to give them the tickets, making everything turn out alright at the end.


Sound Effects Used

  • BBC Records, Crashes - Objects. Crashing
  • BBC Records, Crashes - Metal And Glass Crash
  • BBC Records, Crashes - Glass Crash


  • Director: Alex Lovy
  • Story: Ken Anderson
  • Animation: Don Lusk, Fred Michaels, Gil Turner, Cliff Nordberg
  • Effects Animation: Joshua Meador
  • Layout: Ernie Nordli
  • Background: Ray Huffine
  • Music: Oliver Williams
  • Camera: Gene Moore (uncredited)
  • Film Editor: Douglas Holiday (uncredited)
  • Sound Director: C.O. Stevens (uncredited)
  • Sound Effects: Dale Pickett, Jack King (all uncredited)
  • Ink and Paint: Warren Johnson (uncredited)
  • Sound Recording: Harold J. Scott (uncredited)
  • Orchestrations: Eddie Kilfeather (uncredited)