Ralph Rabbit (1940s-1960s style series)


Ralph Rabbit is a series about a White Rabbit named “Ralph”. He would go on adventures like,The Beach and works at a restaurant called “Max O’ Matic” as a janitor. Ralph,Has a personality of a kind-hearted person and is kinda clumsy. The Other Characters,Such as Bob the Boss,is a grumpy old man that’s forces people to work and give them no breaks,Also he would fire people on the spot if they don’t work for just a minute. There’s also another character called Sailor John,Who is another Human that works at the same restaurant,but he’s also kind-hearted and tries to do is best all the time,he isn’t that clumsy as Ralph,tho,He sometimes makes short mistakes,and he always has a trick to not make the boss find out.

Episodes (Season 01,1943-1946)

Cast of Characters
Ralph Voiced by Unknown Personality: Kind 1
Sailor John Voiced by Unknown Personality: Kind,Clever 2
Bob The Boss Voiced by Unknown Personality: Grumpy 3
Unnamed Background Characters Voiced by Unknown Personality: Any Kind Unknown

Episodes of Season 1

Unnamed Pilot Short S01E00 Ralph at the Beach. Unaired
Ralph The Janitor S01E01 Ralph Cleans up a mess at Max O’ Matic,And almost gets fired but his boss never found out the mess because Sailor John Covered it up,And Ralph was cleaning it while the boss wasn’t looking or around. Aired on: Unknown
Ralph’s Big Home Derby S01E02 Ralph Hosts a demolition derby at his house,but then it goes wrong. Aired on: Unknown
Sailor John’s Fish Tale S01E03 Sailor John tells a story about when he was a young man,he sailed the seas,but then a storm came,and he thought he wouldn’t survive,but he lived,he then goes into a sea,nobody ever explored before. He sees many horrors in the sea and quickly sails back to shelter. Aired on: Unknown
Ralph’s Day Off S01E04 Ralph Decides to take a Day-Off from Work for four days to go to the beach but then a bunch of bad guys kidnap Ralph,causing his Friend Sailor to save him later on. Aired on: Unknown
Ralph in a Haunted Hijinx S01E05 Ralph Explores a haunted house and gets terrified on how spooky it is,he eventually runs away at the end. Aired on: Unknown
Ralph Forgets (Banned Episode) S01E06 Ralph Forgets about everything and eventually goes nuts to find his old life. Causing him to become a lunatic. Unaired
Old Foggy Workers S01E07 At Max O’ Matic,The Workers there get bored and decide to turn it into a magic show,The Boss gets the money and is the one who gets the last laugh when the puns come in. Aired on: Unknown
Catfished (Banned Episode) S1E08 Ralph gets a girlfriend,later on he finds out it was “Sailor John”,Ralph gets angry at John and Chokes him until he can barely breathe,Then the episode ends. Unaired
Special Rabbit S1E09 It’s Ralph’s Birthday and he is awarded many gifts by his dear friends,They later go on a Hiking Adventure. Aired on: Unknown
Laugh or Lose It S1E10 Ralph hosts a Comendy Show and later on fails for how lame the jokes are. Aired on: Unknown
Crybaby S1E11 Ralph gets a nightmare. Aired on: Unknown
Episodes of Season 2
The Fowl Ball S2E01 Ralph Plays musical instruments. Aired on: Unknown
Ralph’s Sunday S2E02 Ralph and his boss decide on a new business,A Icecream Company that later fails. Aired on: Unknown
Guitar Cranks S2E03 Ralph has trouble Sleeping. Aired on: Unknown
Dancing with Ol’Timmy S2E04 Ralph goes to visit his old friend,Timmy. Aired on: Unknown

Ralph’s Comic Disaster (1946)

Ralphs Comic Disaster
Featuring Ralph Black and White Pages 1-10
Plot: Ralph daydreams at work and he imagines himself at a futuristic version of his job,which slowly distorts,corrupts and turns into chaos,Doorbells turn into faces,People start screaming,Ralph wakes up from his “Day-Mare” and Gets back to work.

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