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Quacky Duck & Egg Man is a Color Melodies animated short released in December 30, 1937.



  • (2021) Streaming - FilmxshowsMAX Plus (with Original Title Card and Restored).
  • (2007) DVD - Color Melodies Classics Collection Volume 1 (with Original Title Card and Restored).
  • (1997) VHS - Eric W Schwartz presents Amy the Squirrel and Quacky Duck Cartoons for Kids and Adults (with Reissued Title Card and Unrestored).
  • (1992) Laser Disc - Color Melodies Collections: Volume 3 (with Reissued Title Card and Unrestored).


  • This short was acting career to Paul Frees at age 17 doing the voice of Quacky Duck after Pinto Colvig as the voice of this duck from his first appearance in 1935 to 1937.
  • This is the last cartoon of Color Melodies in released in 1937.


  • The part where Egg Man shoots the viewer with a shotgun to get him back to his seat was cut on the Nelvana Kids Tv channel.


  • Quacky Duck
  • Egg Man
  • Turtle Referee
  • Nuts House Duck

Voice Characterization

  • Paul Frees as Quacky Duck, Nuts House Duck (uncredited)
  • Mel Blanc as Egg Man (uncredited)
  • Billy Bletcher as Turtle Referee (uncredited)