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Neobiontomania - Polish-Italian-Hungarian animated series.

Genre Animation

Scence fantasy

Country of origin Poland



Original language Polish



Created by Rainbow S.r.I
Original channel Cartoon Network








Years ago, there was an amazing and tremendous cataclysm in the world - probably some kind of explosion, but it’s still not certain. The most important result of this event was the creation of strange new creatures called Neobionts.

Sometime after the cataclysm, a large international organization called the “Reserve” was established. Its task was and still is to study Neobionts, as well as to protect them from extinction.

However, there were people who wanted to take the Neobionts and use them for other purposes - at least suspects. They began to catch them, for example, to organize their dangerous fights for money and for fun. In this case, the reserve decided to oppose the cruel and immoral actions and criminal plans, among others Blood Pulp Corporation, which is a tycoon in this shady business. They began to send Neobionts to fight the enemies, using the so-called invocatrons, which were originally used by the Reserve, so that they could be easily and quickly transported to a safe place (i.e. to the secret headquarters of the Reserve), so that it would be harder for enemies to catch them (not to mention the fact that in such a situation it is easier to summon such a Neobiont to help, while allowing him to sit quietly in hiding for as long as possible, instead of traveling with him all the time and exposing him - and sometimes himself - to danger).

That, in short, were looking the beginnings of the conflict between the Reserve and the Corporation. A conflict in which the Neobionts are still of paramount importance.

And probably a new era in this war is coming …

Proper part of the plot

Greg is a slightly unlucky guy in his 20s. He undertakes various odd jobs to stabilize his life and lead it quietly and calmly. At the same time, however, he feels that the world he lives in is - which should not surprise anyone - full of problems and defects, and at the same time he would like to be able to fix it at least a little. One day, returning home after delivering a pizza, he encounters an elderly man who asks him for directions and then loses a strange object that looks like an "R" badge. So he decides to follow the mysterious individual, and when he gives him back, he is attacked by some thugs who probably hunted this old man. There is a fight during which Neobionts appear. Later, the man tells Greg to run away. Admittedly, he moves aside, but continues to observe the skirmish, seeing how both sides not only call on Neobionta for help, but also use some bizarre, superhuman abilities. Greg attacks the attackers by surprise and thanks to this he manages to effectively support the older individual and drive out the aggressors together. Greg demands an explanation, so the stranger in response asks him if he would like to become a member of the Reserve - warning that it is a very serious decision. The boy, however, agrees to this proposal and is led to one of the secret institutions of this organization. There he learns this and that about the Neobionts, the Reserve and the Blood Pulp Corporation. He also decides to become a Neobiontist - a person who finds himself searching for Neobionts and binding them with invocatrons. So he is assigned to a certain Wendell, who, however, has some doubts as to whether it is a good idea. Anyway, now that Greg has been recruited, he is going to do his best to further explore the Neobiont world and fight evil. And although the beginnings, as it usually happens, are by no means light, it seems that he may have a considerable potential, thanks to which he would become an extremely important member of the Reserve, which could significantly affect the fate of even the whole world ...


“Neobionts” is a collective name for creatures that appeared in the distant times after a mysterious cataclysm. They are very heterogeneous. They can evolve or mutate relatively quickly, easily, or frequently - or at least faster, easier, or more frequently than non-Neobionts.

The Reserve is most interested in these Neobionts, which were once humans, although now they aren’t sapient - because they are still perceived as people and treated with due dignity. The Reserve tries to help them find their place in the new society, and sometimes to rehabilitate them.

Some Neobionts can craft weapons from their bodies, but are not fused with them. If such weapons are destroyed, they can produce a new one for themselves, but it is quite a difficult process and rather time-consuming and energy-consuming.


Invocatrons are usually in the shape of regular octagons with the symbol of the species of Neobionts on the obverse and the type symbol on the reverse. When the invocatron scans a Neobiont, it sometimes changes its colors to match the Neobiont’s type and symbols (types and species) appear. Neutral Neobionts have gray invocatrons, Good - white, and Bad ones - black. In addition, mutations or evolutions can change the symbol (s) on the invocatron. To use an invocatron, the associated Neobiont's name or species name must be spoken. It should be remembered that the neobionts of human origin invocatrons are rather not moved to the indicated place, but they receive information that someone wants to summon them - if they do not agree, they will not be moved.

The invocatrons function de facto as small teleporters, and can therefore send Neobionts into battle. Thanks to them, Neobionts can safely sit in the secret headquarters of the Reserve (or Corporation) and be called into battle when the need arises. What’s more, the invocatrons scan the physical health of Neobiont on an ongoing basis and thus can teleport him to a safe place at the last minute, where he can count on, for example, care or medical assistance. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the attack is so destructive that death comes before Neobiont has time to move to the base - fortunately, however, this phenomenon is not very common. Nevertheless, in the event of, among others, such problems, user also has the option of sending Neobiont back by the attending user.

It is also possible that the invoker will be broken - then Neobiont cannot be summoned while he is in the base, nor will he be able to be sent back to her in the moment of danger (which is, of course, especially dangerous).

Someone may wonder why not to use invocatrons to protect people in the same way - scientists have recognized that all so far known Neobionts have a unique gene, thanks to which it is easier than humans to teleport, and in the case of humans, due to the lack of this gene. It is much more difficult to continuously examine their health condition in that way, thay they can almost always be transferred to an asylum with almost zero risk of being late with lethal effects.


Elaboration and sounding of the Polish version: Studio Sonica

Directing: Leszek Zduń

Polish dialogues: Jan Jakub Wecsile, Joanna Kuryłko

Sound and assembly: Maciej Brzeziński

Production management: Agnieszka Kudelska

Polish name English name Polish actor English actor
Greg Kajetan Lewandowski Yuri Lowenthal
Wendell Jan Aleksandrowicz-Krasko Marc Thompson
doktor Stan Wirestone doctor Stan Wirestone Paweł Sanakiewicz Paul Eiding
Kamil Kula Gavin Dea
Grzegorz Drojewski Bryton James
Paweł Ciołkosz Eric Christian Olsen
Mirosław Zbrojewicz Clancy Brown
Paweł Szczesny Frank Welker
komputer computer Bartosz Walaszek Eddie Browley
Mariusz Bonaszewski
Krzysztof Kulesza
Krzysztof Grębski
Krzysztof Banaszyk Steven Stanton
piosenkę czołówkową śpiewał: theme song sung by: Tomasz Steciuk Noam Kaniel
lektor: lector: Zbigniew Dziduch

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