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Infinite Forest (pl. Nieskończony Las) - Polish animated series for children telling the story of the animals living in the incredibly vast forest.

Infinite Forest
Genre Animation


TV Channel TVP ABC




Country of origin Poland


The main characters are animals living in a forest so large that neither of them knows exactly where it ends. The informal leader of the animal community is a very old turtle who is considered very wise. Most of the episodes follow a pattern: the animals (or one of them) have found a human device and do not know what it is for. The turtle tells them about the use of the find, but usually no one listens to it (most often it is the fox that shows some interest in the words of the old reptile). Later, the heroes have a problem that can be easily solved with the device they find and usually only think about using it at the end. Not to mention, the turtle often says something like, "Didn't I tell you?"

Another running gag - but rarer - is the birds that came back from travel to the part of the forest where most of the other characters live. However, taking into account what they saw there (and, for example, where - and if at all - the forest ends and what is on its border, if there is a forest border at all), they usually answer: "It's a very long story", "Maybe not now" or "I'd rather not talk about it."


Warning - I want to add the characters' names, but now I don't have ideas for everyone. So now some of them are temporary nameless.

  • Fox - one of the most important characters. A young, calm, modest red fox, sometimes a bit timid and shy. He prefers being alone, but is also a good friend and eagerly helps others, when they need it. He is commonly this one, who trusts the words of the tortoise the most. He has blue eyes.
  • Tortoise - one of the oldest animals in the forest. He's a pale green tortoise. Other animals usually rever him, unless he tells them the truth about devices found in the forest. When he turns out to be right, he usually says: "Didn't I tell you?". Tortoise is very friendly and helpful.
  • Edusin, usually called just "Eddie" - a stoat. One of the best friends of the fox, much more live wire than him. His name came from the fact that his parents, while inventing a name for him, found an old, burnt box of some medicine. They didn't know how to read it, so they named the object "Edusin". And that's what inspired them.
  • Strypy (pl. Prążek) - a raccoon. He's very keen on opening the contraptions found in the forest and checking what's their use. A bit oversensitive about cleanliness.
  • Marten - a pine marten and fox's another good friend.
  • Sable
  • Weasel
  • Lynx
  • Fox's parents - sometimes they visit their son. Fox's father is quite humile, and mother is way more enthusiastic both than her husband and son. They have good relationship with their only and adult child, but sometimes get a little overprotective. Eyes of father of the fox are yellow, and the mother's are green.
  • Genet
  • Birds:
    • Owl
    • Woodpecker - a doctor.
    • Raven - a teacher in a school for the young animals.
    • Other birds
  • Insects
  • Spiders
  • Crawfish

And others...


Character (English name) Character (Polish name) Polish voice English voice
Fox Lis Leszek Zduń Yuri Lowenthal
Fox as a kid (kit?) (in retrospections) Lis jako dziecko (w retrospekcjach) Joanna Pach-Żbikowska Mae Whitman
Tortoise Żółw Grzegorz Pawlak Michael Dorn
Fox's father Tata lisa Artur Kaczmarski
Fox's mother Mama lisa Agnieszka Kunikowska
Owl Sowa Robert Tondera David Gasman
Raven Kruk Zbigniew Suszyński William Slayer
Strypy Prążek Artur Pontek
Janusz Zadura
Stoat Gronostaj Tomasz Steciuk Noam Kaniel
Jarosław Boberek
Grzegorz Drojewski
Paweł Szczesny
Jacek Kopczyński

And others...

Translation to the other languages:

  • Dutch: Oneindig Woud
  • English: Infinite Forest
  • Esperanto: Senfina Arbaro
  • French: Forêt Infini
  • German: Endloser Wald
  • Hungarian: Végtelen Erdő
  • Italian: Foresta Infinita
  • Polish: Nieskończony Las
  • Portuguese: Floresta Infinito
  • Spanish: Bosque Infinito