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I know this Ideas is about having your own opinions whether if you agree or not which is a good thing to share with others.

It's good to create some fun story ideas of your own animated series that you've seen on TV from America/ Japan or other country but would it even better to come up of ideas of creating a complete DVD with one of your favourite series finally released?

Maybe there other Animated series from the 1990's or from 2000 and further on that never gotten a chance to be released on to DVD but still dream to finally get it at last. I know because I feel the same way and can be frustrated to wait for years and years and nothing happen.

For example from the 1990's: Starla and the Jewel Riders, Creepy Crawliers, The Addams Family, Space cats ,Albert the Fifth Musketeers and Biker Mice from Mars.

So yeah there are other childhood cartoon/anime that I would liked to see released someday but all I could do is dream and Imagination.

Is there other Cartoon/ Anime from your childhood that you would like to see released after all these years?