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Crazy Over Doris is a 1950 produced, 1950 released animated short starring Douglas Duck, Chris and Dhris, and Doris Duck.


Douglas's quiet bicycle ride to see Doris is interrupted by Chris and Dhris.


Doris, Doris you're the one
That gets me captivated
Everytime you look at me
I get so addlepated
And when I'm riding along the street
Everybody that I meet
Says "there goes the guy
that's crazy over sweet Doris Mae".


  • Douglas Duck
  • Chris and Dhris
  • Doris Duck (final scene)
  • Matthew Mouse (cameo)
  • Michelle Mouse (cameo)
  • Boofy (cameo)


  • Director: James Howard (uncredited)
  • Story: Mike Beck (uncredited), Roy Wallace (uncredited)
  • Animation: Virgil Jones (uncredited), Bill Charles (uncredited), Bob Johnson (uncredited), Emery Hawkins (uncredited)
  • Effects Animation: John Brown (uncredited)
  • Layout: Yoram Patterson (uncredited)
  • Background: Yoram Garling (uncredited)
  • Music: Oliver Williams (uncredited)
  • Camera: Sid Glenar, Gene Moore (all uncredited)
  • Ink and Paint: Warren Johnson (uncredited)
  • Film Editor: Douglas Holiday (uncredited)
  • Sound Director: C.O. Stevens (uncredited)
  • Sound Recording: Harold J. Scott (all uncredited)
  • Sound Effects: Jack King, Dale Pickett (all uncredited)
  • Orchestrations: James Dietrich (uncredited)


Home video

  • Michael Shires Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Editions - Doris (VHS)
  • Michael Shires's Classic Cartoon Favorites: Best Pals - Douglas and Doris (DVD)
  • Michael Shires Treasures: The Chronological Douglas, Volume 3 (DVD)


  • The cartoon was inspired in a whole song written by Oliver Williams, which shares the title of the cartoon "Crazy Over Doris".
  • Along the episode, Douglas keeps whistling the song and the episode ends with the music again. Douglas also briefly whistles the song in Out on a Lamb and Dude Douglas. He also briefly quacks the song in Chris Ahoy.
  • The song "Crazy Over Doris" had new lyrics written for the record Michael Shires Takes You to Shiresland, and was retitled "Meet Me Down on Main Street".
  • This is last Shires cartoon with no credits.