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I really do enjoyed watching Gormiti Nature Unleashed because it's a first animated CGI and loved the characters design. Anyway why it's true the episodes are good but in episode 26:To all things, an ending, they did defeat Magor but not destroyed him which is a bummer because even it is the final episode of the serie I feel they haven't completely finished the whole series. They could have more characters who support them in the end and final defeated the Lava Gormiti Completely. Also show what they get up to now in the future like be kings of their own element kingdom, get married and have off springs to continued the legacy.

So I do have some ideas for the second season because I know then they'll never make the next Gormiti Nature Unleashed season 2 but nothing wrong of using imagines from my head. Sometime when I watch other cartoons/anime I often day dream a lot of the character's next adventure and encounter some crossover characters from the other cartoons/anime.

My crossover ideas is some new characters which are inspiration ideas from Cardcaptors and Yu Gi Oh because of the spirits cards. I didn't give any of the four girls names because I don't have any ideas on the names so sorry about that. But they did have magical guardians Like Kerberos and Yue, Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon, and other four Guarians who haven't got any name yet because I haven't decided yet.

However they are going to be part of this second season of Gormiti Nature Unleashed which will have a crossover between CGI and Anime together. There's also going to be some action, adventure and romances.

I know that the Gormiti series is about respecting nature and don't involve romance but for Gormiti Nature Unleashed should make an accept ion because this could be about experience something important as teenager the which the Princes of Gorn not yet experience .

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