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This is a listing of all the CineMation cartoons filmography.


  • MB - noted as Muffin Boy
  • CM - noted as Color Melodies
  • RR - noted as Rocky Raccoon
  • MM - noted as Mister Mewser
  • GtGG - noted as Gerry the German Shepherd



  • Muffin Boy, My Best Animated Boy (First CineMation cartoon and First apparence of Muffin Boy, the oldest mascot of CineMations until 1933)



  • The Best Romance Day MB (First Muffin Boy cartoon series and first apparence of the girlfriend of Muffin Boy Minny.)
  • Jungle Jazz MB
  • Farmer Muffin's Land MB
  • Blue Car Box MB


  • Northwest Police Muffin MB
  • Play Natural MB (First apparence of the best friend of Muffin is a Dog called Buddy.)
  • Horse Race MB
  • Henhouse Roguery CM (First CineMation cartoon in color and First Color Melodies cartoon series)
  • Woodpecker and the Weasel CM
  • Foxy and Roxy in Trail in Train CM
  • Fox Season's Day MB
  • The Trail for Child's Land CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Mission Plane MB (First cartoon set in World War I.)






  • Rabbit Season CM
  • Meow-Meow Cat and the Black Knight CM
  • Meow-Meow Cat and the Old Farmer CM
  • Mr. Blackbird's Wedding CM
  • Egyptian Daze CM
  • Sunday in the Church's Day CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Larry's Party CM
  • The Raccoon Hunt CM
  • Bon Bon Land CM
  • Houseguest Rover CM
  • Winny I Yoo Hoo CM
  • Roman Museum CM
  • Reluctant Tom Cat CM
  • l Love to Song CM
  • Old Miss Glory CM
  • Welcome to Toy Town CM


  • Picador Cecil CM
  • I Only Have Ice for You CM
  • Mail Raccoon RR
  • The Boys With The Violins CM
  • Dogs is Dogs CM
  • Rocky Raccoon and Russell Rooster RR
  • Green Pastures CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • The Story of Uncle Tom's Bungalow CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Sweet Native Sioux CM
  • Rocky's Badtime Story RR
  • Egg Man Rides Again CM
  • Don't Watch Now! CM
  • Quacky in New York CM
  • Get Rich Quick Rocky RR
  • The Mouse Musical CM
  • Little Red Walking Hood CM
  • Rocky's Garden RR
  • September from the Rain CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Horns And Hoofs RR
  • Quacky Duck and Egg Man CM


  • Cindy's Poppa CM
  • Jungle Cannibals CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • The Amazing Night Show CM
  • The Sneezing Fox CM
  • Cinderella Meets Egg Man CM
  • The Penguin Ville CM
  • Now That Winner Is Gone CM
  • Rocky Racoon and Quakcy Duck RR
  • A Fud Roand CM
  • Katnip Dance CM
  • Egg Man and The Lamp CM
  • The Isle of Pingi Pinga Pango CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Johny Smith and Polka-Huntas CM
  • Mifi Mink in Egypt CM
  • You are Travels CM
  • The Midnight Watcher CM
  • Quacky Duck in Hollywood CM


  • Cat Gone Modern CM
  • One Day in The Zoo CM
  • Robin Hood Make Good CM
  • Gold Race CM
  • Prest-O Change-O Fox CM
  • Bars, Prison and Stripes Forever CM
  • Quakcy Duck and The Dinosaur CM
  • Naughty but Mouse CM
  • Book Parade CM
  • The History of Old Glory CM
  • The Little Lions Hunter CM
  • Fox-Um Scare-Um CM
  • Detouring in America CM
  • Indian Sioux CM
  • Believe It or Else CM
  • Rocky's Picnic RR
  • Fish Fresh CM
  • Scarry Jeepers CM
  • Toothy and the Bookworm CM
  • Bugged in a Rug RR



  • The Early Worms Gets the Crows CM
  • Persecuction of Ali Baba CM
  • Egg Man's Candid Camera CM
  • A Wild Fox CM
  • Good Night Egg Man CM


  • Black and White Striped Cats CM
  • Egg Man's Pet Fox CM
  • The Dog Pound RR
  • Haunted Cats CM
  • Fisherman's Luck RR
  • Dark Momemts CM
  • Toothy Bells the Puss CM
  • The Crackpot Kuku CM
  • Lonesome Ranger CM
  • Army Daze CM
  • Rocky and the Crow RR
  • Rocky's Toothache RR
  • The Trial of Mr. Fox CM
  • Farm Rhapsody CM
  • Hollywood's Bar CM
  • Crows Beats Fox CM
  • Toy Land CM
  • The Bug World CM
  • A Duck Corny CM
  • Meets John Doughboy CM
  • The Womens in The World CM
  • Hiawatha's Fox Hunt CM
  • Sports for The Champions CM
  • The Henpecked Freeking Duck CM
  • Lil'Pikia and The Lion CM
  • Barnyard Yankees CM
  • The Lyin' Lion CM
  • Notes for You CM
  • The Brave Little Bee CM
  • Sydney Silly CM
  • All This and Fox Stew CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • The Good Canary CM
  • Mouse Menace RR
  • Robinson Crusoe's Son CM
  • The Looney Army CM
  • Hot Air Pooch CM
  • Coo-Coo Clock Caper RR
  • Foxed Twouble CM
  • Terry's Midnight Matinee CM
  • No Flies on Us RR


  • The Canary Cames to the C.O.D. CM
  • Rocky at the Zoo RR
  • Adventure of Pirate's Teasure CM
  • The Grey-Hound Rabbit CM
  • Cat Trouble CM
  • Who's Who in the Zoo CM
  • The Bungling Builders RR
  • Roamin' Roman CM
  • Joe's Cafe CM
  • The Foxed Who Came to Supper CM
  • Bear's Feat RR
  • Quacky's Southern Exposure CM
  • Smells Like Victory CM
  • Pesky Pelican CM
  • Cubby the Sailor Cat CM
  • The Weak-Weak-Weakles Car RR
  • The Wacky Vulture CM
  • Sucking News CM
  • You Wacky Blackout CM
  • The Fox and the Vulture CM
  • The Funny Fables CM
  • Fresh Fox CM
  • Trolley Troubles RR
  • The Ponies Dictators CM
  • A Two Cats and One Bird CM
  • The Impatient Patient Duck CM
  • Weasel Pet CM
  • Wolf Raid Warden CM
  • Rocky Who Could Fly RR
  • Mr. Smokey Meets The Strangler CM
  • Two Cop Angels and One Demon CM
  • Buzzard Hazard CM
  • Blitz Vulture CM
  • The Sheep Bad Wolf CM
  • The Quacky Duckaroo CM
  • The Hep Cat CM
  • Flight of the Japs RR
  • Mr. Raccoon Takes a Trip RR
  • Diner For The Dogs CM
  • Menace In Asleep CM
  • Ding Dag Doggy CM
  • Gangster Rodent CM
  • Old Smokey RR
  • The Case of the Missing Fox CM
  • Switcheroo of Cats CM


  • Coal Black and Seven Warfars CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • The Dangerous Nazi Spy CM
  • The Story of the Three Little Piggies CM
  • Goofy Garden RR
  • The Human Dynamo CM
  • Vitamin B-Horse CM
  • Rangers Lead the Way RR
  • Is a Duck ... or Not is a Duck CM
  • Mr. Tencacles Goes Hunting CM
  • The Fifth-Column Rabbits CM
  • Pop Goes The Weasel meets Leni the Skunk CM
  • Rich Man and Poor Man CM
  • Japanese Tokio Man CM
  • Yandee Doodle Quacky CM
  • The Aristo-Cat vs The Mices CM
  • Crows Wins by a Fox CM
  • The Losers in This Island CM
  • The Spooky House CM
  • Rocky Raccoon visits Hollywood RR
  • Quacky's Hotel CM
  • Super-Cat CM
  • Mouse Family CM
  • The Wise Ducking Quacky CM
  • Fantastic Musical Cat CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • The Incredible Bear Cop CM
  • Scrap Happiness Quacky CM
  • Who's Cookin' Who RR
  • A Paradies Concerto CM
  • Berlin and Yeggs RR
  • Uncivil Warriors CM
  • Commando Rocky RR
  • Crusader Tanks CM
  • Fin 'N Kitty CM
  • Falling Fox CM
  • Lil'Pikia and The Crow Bird CM
  • Jerky Fokker Diver RR
  • The Crow's Picnic CM
  • Heckle The Canary CM
  • Quakcy Soldier CM
  • King Arthur's Crown CM
  • An Much Do Lunch CM
  • Bad Odor Distress RR
  • Puss N' Catty CM


  • Blustery Cat CM
  • Little Red Riding Fox CM
  • Feedin' The Kiddie RR
  • Night Guests CM
  • Crowing Pains RR
  • Quacky Duck and The Turkey CM
  • Troublesome Toys RR
  • What's Cookin' Folks? CM
  • The Zoo News CM
  • House Cleaning Time RR
  • Plane Quacky CM
  • Angel Cat CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Quacky Duck and The Raccoons CM
  • Russian Melodies CM
  • Stricly No Fishing RR
  • Goldilocks and the Jipi, Jipi Bears CM (Part of Thirteen Censored)
  • Twinkle Toes CM
  • The Hunting Season RR
  • Dizzy Doctors RR
  • The Raccoon Army RR
  • Mutt and Beef CM
  • The Outfoxed Fox RR
  • Termite Exterminator CM


  • Der Herr and the Fox CM
  • Polar Trappers RR
  • The Cagey Canary CM
  • Old King Cole CM
  • Hot Rod Rocky RR
  • Leprechaun Loose RR
  • Kitty From The City RR
  • Drafthead CM
  • Draftee Quacky CM
  • Life with Feathers CM
  • Hotel Rocky RR
  • A Delightful Dinner Date RR
  • Ain't That Ducks CM
  • Rocky's Steamroller RR
  • Pilgrim Rocky RR
  • Outlaw In The City CM
  • Nasty Duck CM
  • Kenny Cat and The Little Woodpecker CM
  • Raccoon Golfers RR
  • Sabrina Skunk Loves Reasons CM
  • Snow Place Like Home RR
  • The Jewelry Thief CM
  • Eatin' On The Beef RR
  • Bars and Stripes CM


  • Fox The Burglar CM
  • Book World CM
  • The Mechanical Dog RR
  • Folly Pelican RR
  • Dizzy Detectives RR
  • Gambling Follies CM
  • The Stupid Cupid for Duck CM
  • Wacky Tiger CM
  • Ants in the Pantry CM
  • Quacky Doodles CM
  • Soda Jerks RR
  • Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise RR
  • Rocky's Bakery RR
  • Wee-Wee Wildcat CM
  • The Big Sneeze RR
  • Deviled Yeggs RR
  • Sleepless Bear CM
  • The Great Pig Bank Robber CM
  • Punch and Judo RR
  • The Loan Wolf CM
  • Walky Talky Rooster CM
  • Saltwater Tuffy RR
  • Smokey Meets Hercules CM


  • Fog Groggy RR
  • Battleship Feat CM
  • The Big Banger RR
  • Marooned On Cannibal Island RR
  • Bold As Gold RR
  • The Pied Piper CM
  • Rocky's Tire Trouble RR
  • Goofy Roofer CM
  • Along Cames Quacky CM
  • Doggone Katnips
  • Plane Crazy CM
  • Summer Squash RR
  • Lil'Pikia at the Circus CM
  • Heckle Pie CM
  • Cropping Pains CM
  • Hawaiian Adventures RR
  • Fresh Ham RR
  • Comedy Back CM
  • Spanish Joyride CM
  • House Hunting Mice CM
  • Rocky's Delayed Date RR (Shires)


  • El Smokey-Dor CM
  • What Makes Quacky Duck? CM
  • The Asphalt Bungle RR
  • What is Brewin Raccoon ', Bruin? CM
  • Rocky The Lumberjack RR
  • Back Alley Cat-Opera CM
  • Quacky Duck Slept Here CM
  • Croc Manhunt CM
  • The Jake Rooster CM
  • Three Cowboy Pigs CM
  • Rocky and the Dolphin RR (Shires)
  • Box Car Robbery RR
  • Rocky Down Under RR (Shires)
  • Buzzard School CM
  • I Taw A Kutty Tat CM
  • Wigwam Whiskers CM
  • Riff Raffy Quacky CM
  • Hop, Look and Listen Kangroo CM
  • Quacky Dilly CM
  • Kit for Kats CM
  • Disorder in the Court CM
  • Monarch Raccoon RR
  • Fourth July Rocky RR
  • Booty and the Bruin CM
  • Scaredy Puss CM


  • The Bank Busters RR
  • Blubbering The Whale RR
  • Tiger Squad CM
  • Mice Mazurka CM
  • Wise Duackers CM
  • Bad Ol' Kutty Tat CM
  • Hippety Hopper Kangroo CM
  • The Egg and the Rocky Raccoon RR
  • Indian Treasure RR (Last Cartoon of Rocky Raccoon of Pre-1949)
  • Quacky Duck Hunt CM (Last Cartoon of CineMations of Pre-1949)
  • Mice Wreckers CM (First Cartoon of CineMations of Post-1949)
  • Quack Shot CM
  • Witch is Which CM (Part of The Thirteen Censored)
  • Sabrina Skunk's For Scent-imental Reasons CM
  • Raccoon Feat CM
  • Kookapoo Kookaburra CM
  • Shoot the Chutes RR (First Cartoon of Rocky Raccoon of Post-1949)



  • The Midnight Snack RR
  • Rocky's Night Out with Rinna RR
  • A Very Special Rinna RR
  • Caveman Li'lPikia CM
  • Rocky at The Carnival RR
  • Rocky's Dream RR
  • Mother Raccoon Nature RR
  • Rocky's Easter Follies RR
  • Rocky the Chimney Sweeper RR
  • The Clock Tower RR
  • Hooper and Katnip CM
  • Rocky's Mosquito Trouble RR
  • Rocky's New Neighbors RR
  • Rocky Takes a Hike RR
  • A Restaurant Date RR
  • Golden Egg of the Quack Duck CM
  • Rocky and the Mime RR
  • Rocky's Double Trouble RR
  • Rocky's Garden Frolics RR
  • Canary Train CM
  • Rinna's Special Surprise RR
  • Rocky and Rinna in Pastry Town RR
  • Baseball Rocky RR
  • Cowboy Rocky RR
  • Rocky's Harvest Festival RR
  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel Duck CM


















  • Bungle In The Jungle RR
  • Fishing Tackler RR
  • Weather Watchers RR
  • Mother Goose Land RR
  • Safary Gerry GtGS
  • Rocky-Way to the Stars RR
  • Moby Raccoon RR
  • Reckless Drivers RR
  • Sandy Paws RR
  • The Tourist Trade RR




  • Rock N' Roll Rocky RR
  • Aqua Rocky RR
  • Rocky and Spies RR
  • Tropic Troubles RR
  • Film About Raccoons RR
  • Dog Daze Rocky RR
  • Give Me a Ladder GtGS
  • Quacky's Quack School CM (Final Color Melodies cartoon series)
  • Beach Resort GtGS (Final CineMation theatrical cartoon, also last Gerrry the German Shepherd cartoon series)


Television Series

Short Animations in four minutes

  • Polly Panda and Herbert the Lion (1965-1966 Shorts)
  • Wally the Wombat (1966-1967 Shorts)
  • Bip and Bap (1966-1967 Shorts)