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A fire wolf from my fanfiction story Zex the pheniox

Dear everyone,

this is my final message for everyone on this wiki. I am leaving this wiki forever along with my friend Bagleman45 for no one has joined at all so I must say goodbye to everyone for I know that no one else has or ever will be on this horrible disscrace of a wiki. For I'm just saying that to anyone who has accidentally stumbled onto this wiki. But this wiki has ment a lot to me it was the first one that I've ever made in fact but It's failed so I'm moving on to other better wikis, so anyway hope we meet again-------------Killer365

So now I'm iniceation Operation: Shadowing where we ill delet all of the pages on this wiki leaving no evidence about this wikis horrible past so time to start Operation: Shadowing. But now Goodbye.......................................

News and Events

So if one of your stories get's really populor then it will be postedhere or something big is coming up then i'll put it here. But right now go on and sign the pention to ake the congress say no to SOPA and PIPA so none of these wikis get closed down.