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A fire wolf from my fanfiction story Zex the pheniox

Welcome to the Cartoonideas Wiki

This is a wiki that's made for you to write storys all on this wiki. So if you have a idea for a cartoon you can write it here just like my picture of a fire wolf that I drew. Here is the place where you can take credit for your creations and let other people see them. So just enjoy yourself and have fun on this wiki. And for help go to the intro page.

But here's a message for spammers if you destroy this wiki then i'll block you for 10 years if you spam on anyones page. So spammers stay away unless you want to be banned from this wiki for a long time.

News and Events

So if one of your stories get's really populor then it will be posted here or something big is coming up then i'll put it here. But right now go on and sign the pention to ake the congress say no to SOPA and PIPA so none of these wikis get closed down.