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This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by Aldo Boomer banners between 1960 and 1969.


Title Series Director Notes
I Dream Of Rocky Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
The Ham-Burger Catnip Cat Volus Jones
Wild And Kitty West Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Two In Campout Catnip & Bruce Brad Branson
Bearlock Holmes Boomertoons Chuck Harriton
Carpentry Rodents Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
Love Me, Love My Beary Boomertoons Wally Washer
The Baby Kitty Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Motor Bandit Inspector Moley Lewis Marshall
Rat Has Radicular Pain Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Knights Must Fall Tootie 'N' Terry Wally Washer
Just Quacks Boomertoons Lewis Marshall This cartoon is lost in english version, but the french version does exist.
Barnyard Crimes Boomertoons Don Towsley
Mices And The Robbers Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Mouse Scholar Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
Giddy Yapping Tootie 'N' Terry Eddie Rehberg
News Rats Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Scary Red Cat Couple Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Royal Hamburger Catnip Cat Eddie Rehberg
Mr. Stootle-Bear Inspector Moley Wally Washer
Kitty Tripping Fiona Cat Eddie Rehberg
Little Skeeter Boomertoons Wally Washer
Cavaliers Daze Boomertoons Wally Washer
Safari Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
That Old Black Cat Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Big House Mices Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
Dizzy Commercials Boomertoons Eddie Rehberg
Mice Express Mouse & Rat Don Towsley
Destination Fiona Fiona Cat Don Towsley
Battery Baseball Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Mr. Burger Gags Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Pork Chop Turtle Tootie 'N' Terry Brad Branson
Thelma Tussle Fiona Cat Brad Branson
Dinner For Two Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Jerky Beef Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Market Robbery Inspector Moley Lewis Marshall
Horsefly Mices Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Terry And The Leopard Tootie 'N' Terry Volus Jones
Fox Hounded Boomertoons Eddie Rehberg


Title Series Director Notes
Catnip's Jackpot Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Plane Kitty Fiona Cat Don Towsley
Knight Combat Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
What's Cookin' Alligator Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Dog Yankees Catnip & Bruce Wally Washer
Cheeseburger Park Mouse & Rat Eddie Rehberg
The Secret Club Of Venturers Inspector Moley Wally Washer
Balmy Taffy Boomertoons Volus Jones
A Glutton For Mutton Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Dog Daze Rodents Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Melvin Keeps Cool Boomertoons Wally Washer Featuring Melvin Midley.
Foolish Experiment Fiona Cat Wally Washer
The Sister Too Far Catnip Cat Eddie Rehberg
Bone Sweet Bone Normie The Greyhound Don Towsley
Guided Mice-Lille Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
King Catnipus Combat Catnip Cat Volus Jones
Tugboat Herman Boomertoons Brad Branson
A Tooth For A Tooth Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fiona Squirrely Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Catnip's Bear Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Miami Mices Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Rabbit Punch Boomertoons Volus Jones
Canine Sports Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Twisted Bully Bully Dog Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Lynx Thug Inspector Moley Brad Branson
Haunted Castle Catnip & Bruce Lewis Marshall
Flight Headaches Boomertoons Eddie Rehberg
Hearts And Hugs Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fiona Goes To Paris Fiona Cat Don Towsley
The Ice Rink Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
The Lone Shark Mouse & Rat Roman Cole
Lala On Wheels Fiona Cat Roman Cole
Raggedy Rug Beary Boomertoons Don Towsley
Fiona Gymnastics Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fencing Mices Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Bobcat On The Loose Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
Fish Storage Catnip Cat Brad Branson
The Muttley Wolf King Inspector Moley Volus Jones


Title Series Director Notes
Rocky The Sleepwalker Catnip Cat Eddie Rehberg
D'Artagnan And The Three Felinesters Catnip Cat Volus Jones
The Diamond Thief Mouse & Rat Paul Fennell Paul Fennell's final directorial effort at Aldo Boomer, since "Train Trouble".
Grover's Weekend Boomertoons Wally Washer
Janine Visits Fiona Fiona Cat Brad Branson
High Fidelity Fido Boomertoons Lewis Marshall Episodes of Boomertoons series will be few in this year to focus on its production of new series, "The Barnyard World", and some other episodes of new theatrical Aldo Boomer series.
Bronco Busters Inspector Moley Brad Branson
Peace And Quiet For Catnip Catnip Cat Wally Washer
My Little Auto Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Eau De Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Artist Unknown Normie The Greyhound Lewis Marshall
Yawp Dog Inc. Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Let's Get Movin' Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Doggie Biscuits Fiona Cat Don Towsley Don Towsley's final directorial effort at Aldo Boomer.
Everybody Loves Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Cougar's Feat Mouse & Rat Roman Cole This is last Aldo Boomer cartoon to use burlap title background in the beginning and at the end.
Money Burglars Inspector Moley Lewis Marshall
Boating Buddies Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
The Fun Begins With Catnip Cat Catnip Cat Marshall Branson
Fiona And His Friends Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Jerry Rooster's Big Break The Barnyard World Wanda Nordberg
Struggle With Weasel Baloney The Barnyard World Marshall Branson
Inspector Moley Meets Apey Ape Inspector Moley Lewis Marshall
The Red Purloiner Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Cheesy Tales Mouse & Rat John Lincoln
That's No Lady Dog Normie The Greyhound Lewis Marshall
The Great Canine Race Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Hen-House Warming The Barnyard World Brad Branson
Piggy Trappers The Barnyard World Wally Washer
Corn-Pirates The Barnyard World Lewis Marshall
Bounty Doggy Normie The Greyhound Brad Branson
Gang Bowsters Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Lonesome Wolf Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
A Good Kitty Fairy Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Tricky Ducks The Barnyard World Brad Branson
Sweet Sioux The Barnyard World Lewis Marshall
Rooster's Luck The Barnyard World Wally Washer


Title Series Director Notes
Super Insane Catnip Catnip Cat Roman Cole
Normie's Nightmare Normie The Greyhound Lewis Marshall
Egg Nappers The Barnyard World Roman Cole
Base Brawl The Barnyard World Volus Jones
Count Me Out The Barnyard World Wally Washer
Walrus Knuckles Boomertoons Marshall Branson
Planet Pest Boomertoons Wally Washer
Not So Quiet Fiona Cat Brad Branson
Outlaw In The City Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Hankey-Pankey Cruise Inspector Moley Brad Branson
Moby Chicken The Barnyard World Lewis Marshall
The Long Rope Normie The Greyhound Wally Washer
Karate Kanine Normie The Greyhound Volus Jones
South Pacific Normie Normie The Greyhound Brad Branson This is final Normie The Greyhound cartoon.
Hook, Line And Kitty Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Half Washed Lagoon Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Little Miss Kitty Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Big Baby Catnip Catnip Cat Marshall Branson
Bull Eye Razzle-Tuzzle The Barnyard World Wally Washer
Chicken Trapped The Barnyard World Brad Branson
Goal Ball Daze none Wanda Nordberg
Flower Power Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fiona's Toy Ballerina Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Rodent Inspired Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Sleeping Princess Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Don't Bring A Pet To My House Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Sunny South Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Roll Er' Skates The Barnyard World Wally Washer
Way Of Distant Stars Inspector Moley Marshall Branson
Flycycle Built For Two Fiona Cat Brad Branson
Journey To The Road Catnip Cat Wanda Nordberg
Owl And The Pussycat Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Vagabond Loafers Mouse & Rat Brad Branson



Title Series Director Notes
Looney Robot Makers Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Prehistoric Rocky Cat Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Cupid Gets His Man Boomertoons Wally Washer
Catteries Not Checked Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Pesky Goat Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Black Baron Strikes Again Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
Swamp Madness Catnip Cat Marshall Branson
Kitty In The Penthouse Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Neighbor And The Lion Boomertoons Bernard King
Oil's Well That Ends Well Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
M-O-N-E-Y Spells Gang Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
The Wee Hen Boomertoons Wally Washer
The Wily Weasel Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Prehysterical Pet Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Buccaneer Cat Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Jangle Jungle Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Houseboat Fiona Fiona Cat Wanda Nordberg This cartoon is lost in english version, but the french version does exist.
Little Red School Mouse Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Arabian Nits Inspector Moley Robert McKimson
Traffic City Detours Boomertoons Wanda Nordberg
Traffic City Travels Boomertoons Wanda Nordberg
Greenville's Trip Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
Three Days Before Salary Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Undefined Counter Attack Fiona Cat Wanda Nordberg
Catnip Makes A Movie Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Barbeque Rodents Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Sea Hunting Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Junior Wheely Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Robinson And His Friday Mouse & Rat Marshall Branson
Fox-Terror Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Much Ado About Barking Boomertoons Wally Washer
Scientific Stuff Fiona Cat Larry Leichliter This is Larry Leichliter's directorial debut
Spree Lunch Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Fiona Goes Surfing Fiona Cat Wally Washer


Title Series Director Notes
Roadhog Rodents Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Out To Launch Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Catman And Catboy Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
Greg And Griffin Boomertoons John Dike
Farmer Fool Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Filet Of Fishes Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Contrary Chicken Fiona Cat Marshall Branson
Mouse's Weekend Mouse & Rat Larry Leichliter
The Park Cleaning Boomertoons Wally Washer
Basset In Boats Boomertoons Larry Leichliter
Playful Puss Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Unpleasant Stowaways Mouse & Rat Robert McKimson
Double Trouble Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Mississippi Kitty Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Jailbreak Fox Boomertoons Wally Washer
Mars Of Law Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
Pharaoh Chase Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Indian Ho-Ho Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Fine Feathered Birds On A Feather Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Rendez-Vous Fiona Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Captain Quacker Boomertoons Shamus Culhane
The Lone Rodents Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Toy Factory Boomertoons Wally Washer
Rough Cow Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Misguided Missile Fiona Cat Larry Leichliter
Captains Outrageous Inspector Moley Wally Washer This is final Inspector Moley cartoon.
Two Bully Boys Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Winter Blunderland Boomertoons George Nicholas
Mice Resort Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Bears Builders Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
House Stealer Annonymous Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Fiona's Canine Mutiny Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Catnip Over London Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter


Title Series Director Notes
Tangled Bodies Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Hot Racers Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
The Lost Coin Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
Beagle Mouse Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Portsmouth Cathedral Mouse Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Kitty In Tokio Fiona Cat Larry Leichliter
Loly Wants A Pony Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fiona's Wedding Cake Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Copper Catnip Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
The Parsley King Boomertoons Shamus Culhane
How To Hunt A Turkey Boomertoons Wally Washer
The Sightseeing That Fox Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Landing Stripling Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Love Hurts Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Mongrel Cruise Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Bee Stingers Boomertoons Larry Leichliter
Thunder Mouse Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Skinned Divers Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Hospital Raze Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
The Milk Burglar Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
Hoppy Racers Catnip Cat Wally Washer
The Tee Bird Boomertoons Wally Washer
Mice Market Mouse & Rat Larry Leichliter This is final Mouse & Rat theatrical cartoon series.
The Wooden Kitty Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
Life And Cheese none Rudy Larriva
Little Snowman Fiona Cat Wally Washer This is final Fiona Cat theatrical cartoons series.
Greedy Gassy Automobile Catnip Cat Wally Washer This is final Catnip Cat theatrical cartoon series.
Sleepy Time Rabbit Boomertoons Tom McDonald


Title Series Director Notes
The Flying Jeep none Rudy Larriva
Feline Fatale none Rudy Larriva
Holiday In Venice With Bruce Dog Boomertoons Wally Washer
Love Comes For Katie Boomertoons Shamus Culhane