This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by Aldo Boomer banners between 1960 and 1969.


Title Series Director Notes
I Dream Of Rocky Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
The Ham-Burger Catnip Cat Volus Jones
Wild And Kitty West Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Two In Campout Catnip & Bruce Brad Branson
Bearlock Holmes Boomertoons Chuck Harriton
Carpentry Rodents Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
The Baby Kitty Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Motor Bandit Inspector Moley Lewis Marshall
Barnyard Crimes Boomertoons Don Towsley
Mices And The Robbers Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Mouse Scholar Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
News Rats Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Scary Red Cat Couple Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Royal Hamburger Catnip Cat Eddie Rehberg
Mr. Stootle-Bear Inspector Weasel Wally Washer
Kitty Tripping Fiona Cat Eddie Rehberg
Little Skeeter Boomertoons Wally Washer
Cavaliers Daze Boomertoons Wally Washer
Safari Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
That Old Black Cat Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Big House Mices Mouse & Rat Brad Branson






Title Series Director Notes
Looney Robot Makers Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Prehistoric Rocky Cat Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Cupid Gets His Man Boomertoons Wally Washer
Catteries Not Checked Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Pesky Goat Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Black Baron Strikes Again Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
Swamp Madness Catnip Cat Marshall Branson
Kitty In The Penthouse Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Neighbor And The Lion Boomertoons Bernard King
Oil's Well That Ends Well Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
M-O-N-E-Y Spells Gang Catnip Cat Robert McKimson
The Wee Hen Boomertoons Wally Washer
The Wily Weasel Fiona Cat Robert McKimson
Prehysterical Pet Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Buccaneer Cat Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Jangle Jungle Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Little Red School Mouse Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Arabian Nits Inspector Moley Robert McKimson
Traffic City Detours Boomertoons Wanda Nordberg
Traffic City Travels Boomertoons Wanda Nordberg
Greenville's Trip Catnip Cat Lewis Marshall
Three Days Before Salary Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Undefined Counter Attack Fiona Cat Wanda Nordberg
Catnip Makes A Movie Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Barbeque Rodents Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Sea Hunting Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Junior Wheely Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Robinson And His Friday Mouse & Rat Marshall Branson
Fox-Terror Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Much Ado About Barking Boomertoons Wally Washer
Scientific Stuff Fiona Cat Larry Leichliter This is Larry Leichliter's directorial debut
Spree Lunch Catnip Cat Larry Leichliter
Fiona Goes Surfing Fiona Cat Wally Washer





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