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This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by Aldo Boomer banners between 1950 and 1959.



Title Series Director Notes
Cat In The Fiddle Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Lion Menace Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg
Bird Scouts Boomertoons Wally Washer
Calling Doctor Fiona Fiona Cat Don Towsley
Toy Plane Rodent Mouse & Rat Don Towsley
King Arthur's Present Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Castle Hassle Catnip Cat Harvey Eisenberg
Train Trouble Boomertoons Paul Fennell
Terrorized Tiger none Don Towsley
The Daughter Kitties Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Prehistoric Fiona Cat Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Cart Rides Cat Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Cold Winter Day Mouse & Rat Harvey Eisenberg
Don't Give Up Man Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Good Snooze Tonight Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Loch Ness Mess Boomertoons Brad Branson
Secret Agent Boomertoons Don Towsley
Jingle Jangle Cat Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Tennis Tussle Fiona Cat Harvey Eisenberg
Case In Buckingham Palace Mouse & Rat Don Towsley
Timber Toppers Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Heau Beau Jest Boomertoons Don Towsley
Mouse U.F.O. Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Watery Jalopy Mouse & Rat Roman Cole





Title Series Director Notes
Wedding Cake Beary Boomertoons Don Towsley
Catnip's Night Out Catnip Cat Harvey Eisenberg
Private Eye Yawp Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Nursing The Neighbor Fiona Cat Roman Cole
Turtle Soup Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Kitty Down Under Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Locomotive Loco Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg
Dynamite Fighters Boomertoons Wally Washer
Rocked Spirits Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Tour De Fiona Fiona Cat Don Towsley
Fiona Splits Hairs Fiona Cat Harvey Eisenberg
Girly Kitty Scouts Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Beach Blanket Cats Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Freezing Cold Rodents Mouse & Rat Roman Cole
Fiona's Ballet Dance Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Revenge Of The Jimmy Bandito Boomertoons Don Towsley
Goose Painter's Masterpiece Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg
Trigger Rangers Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg
Bear And The Honey Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Cousin Moustilda Mouse & Rat Don Towsley
Knockout And Knocking Boomertoons Brad Branson
Dune Bug Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall Lewis Marshall's first directorial effort at Aldo Boomer.



Title Series Director Notes
Wigwam Parrot Boomertoons Wally Washer
The Kiddie Kappers Boomertoons Don Towsley
Military Catnip Catnip Cat Harvey Eisenberg
The Submarine Spies Fiona Cat Volus Jones
Jukebox Follies Mouse & Rat Don Towsley
Kitty Family Vacation Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Catnip Goes To Mexico Catnip Cat Don Towsley
Noot In Nottingham Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg
Fiona In Relaxation Class Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Vicious Viking Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Sandy Beach Rodents Mouse & Rat Harvey Eisenberg
Frosted Kitty Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Fiona Babysits Jerry Fiona Cat Don Towsley
Horse Basset Boomertoons Don Towsley
Crow's Feat Boomertoons Volus Jones
Pool Kitty Fiona Cat Wally Washer This is the final Fiona Cat cartoon to be produced in CinemaScope
Lion Hearted Catnip Catnip Cat Wally Washer This is the final Catnip Cat cartoon to be produced in CinemaScope.
The Timid Elephant Boomertoons Harvey Eisenberg This is the final Boomertoons cartoon to be produced in CinemaScope.
Jolly Roger Kitty Fiona Cat Don Towsley This is the first Aldo Boomer cartoon to use 4:3 format since second version on "Hunting Season Catnip".
Mouse's Holiday Mouse & Rat Volus Jones This is the final Aldo Boomer cartoon short to be produced in CinemaScope.
Catnip The Moviestar Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Hoppy Roos Boomertoons Roman Cole
Catnip To Mars Catnip Cat Harvey Eisenberg
Rodents And The African Elephant Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
Jokester Taffy Boomertoons Lewis Marshall



Title Series Director Notes
Catnip's Off Day Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Kitty Jobs Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Fiona Goes To Dutch Fiona Cat Lewis Marshall
Fistic Mystic Boomertoons Wally Washer
Jungle Mouse Mouse & Rat Volus Jones
Banjo Taffy Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
The Leprechaun Trap Boomertoons Wally Washer
Movie Madness Catnip Cat Wally Washer
The Luck Stops Here Mouse & Rat Harvey Eisenberg
It Came From Outer Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Animal Crackers Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
False Note Boomertoons Brad Branson
Fool's Tree House Catnip Cat Brad Branson
Ozark Kitty Fiona Cat Harvey Eisenberg Harvey Eisenberg's final directorial effort at Aldo Boomer.
Mouse Aweigh Mouse & Rat Wally Washer
The Hang Glider Boomertoons Volus Jones
Road Dogs Catnip Cat Roman Cole
Terror In The Mid-Way Mouse & Rat Lewis Marshall
Catnip's Pet Catnip Cat Wally Washer
Cat N' Dog none Al Eugster Lost cartoon, but it was found by Jerry Beck in 2019.
Taffy's Housebreaker Boomertoons Lewis Marshall
Doughnut Mouse Mouse & Rat Brad Branson
Windmill Follies Boomertoons Roman Cole
From Way Respect Tottie 'N' Terry Wally Washer
Driving Miss Fiona Fiona Cat Wally Washer
Catnip's Love Story Catnip Cat Wally Washer
St. Bernard Rescues Again Boomertoons Brad Branson