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70 Years of the Wartime is a Cartoons Totally DVDS and Blurays with the collaboration of 20th Century Fox collections of DVD released in September 1, 2009 for the 70th anniversary of the beginning of World War II.


  • The equal sign marks a cartoon that has been restored.
  • The double asterisk sign marks a character that is restored with original title card.
  • The minus sign marks a cartoon that is not restored.
  • The plus sign marks a cartoon that is little restored but with a cue mark.
  • The colon marks a cartoon that is in the public domain

Disc 01

  1. Commando Rocky**
  2. Scrap Happiness Quacky=:
  3. Catnip In Naziland+
  4. Berlin and Yeggs=
  5. Quacky Soldier=:
  6. Falling Fox=:
  7. Catnip The Commando+
  8. Flight of the Japs**

Disc 02

  1. Japanese Tokio Man-
  2. Coal Black and Seven Warfars-
  3. The Dangerous Nazi Spy=:
  4. The Ponies Dictators=:
  5. Blitz Vulture=

Disc 03

  1. Rangers Lead the Way**
  2. Der Herr and The Fox=
  3. Russian Melodies=:
  4. Catnip Goes To Army+
  5. Crusader Tanks=
  6. Uncivil Warriors=
  7. Russian Frontier=
  8. The Looney Army=:
  9. Army Daze=
  10. The Raccoon Army=: